Lodève - Salagou - Hérault - Languedoc

Lodève, having a history dating back to the 4th century and today a meeting place for artists and cultural gatherings is hidden in last hills opening up to the Mediterranean lowlands.

The department Hérault with its authentical French way of life is part of the Languedoc region and one of the most attractive departments of France. The department is very geographically diverse, with beaches in the south, the Cévennes mountains in the north, and agricultural land in between. The region offers an enormous diversity of landscapes, reliefs and cultural as well as natural riches.

The Languedoc-Roussillon shows many traces of a rich and moving history. Here you find the remnants of the Roman Empire, the Cathars and the fortified villages of the Knight Templars.

Uphill from Lodève, at the 'Plateau du Larzac' the Buddhist retreat centre  'Lerab Ling', hosts seminars throughout the year. From april to november the Temple is open to visitors on fixed days.

Le Languedoc-Roussillon is since antiquity the worlds oldest vineyard,  covering the lowlands, slopes and even mountain tops. The Languedoc wine with its typical color varies in quality from common table wine to famous "appellations". Taste them together with the local "Pelardon" goat cheese or try them at the Roquefort caves on one of your day trips.

In less than 15 minutes you'll find one of the most beautiful lakes in the south of France, the "Lac du Salagou" where you can enjoy the contrast of its red colored rocky shores diving into the deep blue water. The lake measures almost 2000 acres and it is a real paradise for water sport lovers. Outside the hot summer season the lake and its surroundings are an ideal location for mountain biking, horse riding, fishing, bird watching, or just for having a stroll.

The well known seaside towns of Sète, Cap d'Agde et Valras are at about a 45 minutes drive. The old university town Montpellier, where medieval and contemporary architecture show the perfect match, is within a half hour reach. And the worlds highest bridge, the Viaduc of Millau is at a 45 minutes distance by car.