Check here the most frequently asked questions.

Is it possible to rent bed linen and towels and what are the costs?
  • Bed linen: €12,00 p/p
  • Towels package consisting of 1 bath towel and 1 normal towel: € 7,50 p/p (kitchen towels included).

These towels are for indoor use only. We do not rent beach or pool towels so please bring your own.

  • Package for groups: bed linen, 1 large and 1 normal towel: € 15,00 p/p (kitchen towels included).
If we bring our own bedding, what exactly should we bring?

Each accommodation has good mattresses, mattress protectors, pillows and duvets. Below an overview of the sizes per accommodation:

  • Gîte Romarin, Rose and Lavande:  Double bed : fitted sheet 140×200 + duvet cover 200×200 + 2 pillowcases. For the single beds: fitted sheet 90×200 + duvet cover 140×200 + pillowcase. (The single beds can also be pushed together to make a double bed, in which case, instead of 2 small fitted sheets, you can also bring 1 large 180×200 fitted sheet that holds the mattresses together).
  • Gîte Laurier: Double bed : fitted sheet 140×200 + duvet cover 200×200 + 2 pillowcases. For bunk beds and single beds: fitted sheet 90×200 + duvet cover 140×200 + pillowcase.
  • Villa Jasmin: Large bedroom: for the double bed a fitted sheet 160×200 + duvet cover 240×220 + 2 pillowcases and for the single bed a fitted sheet 90×200 + duvet cover 140×200 + pillowcase. For the other 2 bedrooms each with 2 single beds: fitted sheet 90×200 + duvet cover 140×200 + pillowcase. (In both bedrooms these single beds can be pushed together to make a double bed, in that case you can instead of 2 small fitted sheets 1 large 180×200 fitted sheet that keeps the mattresses together).
  • Mimosa Lodge: Double beds: fitted sheet 160×200 or 2x80x200 + duvet cover 240×220 + 2 pillowcases.
  • Yucca Lodge: Double bed: fitted sheet 160×200 or 2x80x200 + duvet cover 240×220 + 2 pillowcases. For the 3 cabin beds: fitted sheets 80×200 + duvet covers 140×200 + pillowcases.
  • Sequoia Lodge: Double bed : fitted sheet 160×200 or 2x80x200 + duvet cover 240×220 + 2 pillowcases. For bunk beds: 80×200 fitted sheets + 140×200 duvet covers + pillowcases. For the high sleeper: fitted sheet 160×200 or 2x80x200 + 2 duvet covers 140×200 + 2 pillowcases.
How are the kitchens equipped?

Each accommodation is equipped with: filter coffee maker, electric kettle, toaster, microwave, fridge/freezer, dishwasher (except in the 3 lodges), 4-burner gas hob (5-burner + oven only in villa Jasmin) and blender. There is more than enough cutlery, glasses and crockery, pans, kettles and cooking utensils.

Is there a washer and dryer?

Each gîte has a washing machine (Romarin, Rose, Lavande, Laurier, Jasmin). Villa Jasmin also has a dryer.

The lodges have a shared washing machine.

Is there a barbecue at the accommodation?

Each accommodation has its own barbecue: at the gîtes a charcoal barbecue and at the lodges a gas barbecue.

Is there a playground?

A covered terrace offers you a play area where both young and old can have fun. There also is a wooden playground with swings and a slide for the little ones; hammocks for chilling out, a ping-pong table, a large trampoline… but there’s definitely more to come.

Is there a jeux-de-boules ground?

There is a jeux de boules court that is lit up at night.

Can we go to a reception if we have any questions?

The owners live on the domain and are nearby in case you need them. Next to the massage salon is also the reception / bell but not always occupied. You can send a Whatsapp at any time, then you don’t have to move.

Are there any animals in the park?

Yes, our Hovawart dog, called Fangio, barks when he sees you for the first time, but if you give him a little moment to get to know you, he’ll return quietly to his place. There are also a few cats who have appropriated a part of the domain without permission and like to come out when they notice you are there. However, you are not allowed to leave them in the house. If you are not a cat lover, a jet of water will do wonders. Then there are a number of chickens running around the property, who will undoubtedly come to check if your terrace floor is clean. Not to mention the wild boars, but they usually come to garden when everyone is sleeping peacefully.

Can we bring our pet?

No, unfortunately we cannot receive your pet at the moment. If this demand would increase in the future, we are thinking about setting up one of our accommodations for this purpose. Please let us know !

How many guests are there in total at a full occupancy?

From April to November we can receive a maximum of 39 guests.

Is the pool shared with other guests?

The pool is shared with other guests. Experience shows that very rarely all guests are at the pool at the same time.

Do we need a car?

Yes, we are 3 km from the centre of Lodève, in the hills. That is a nice hike on foot, but not so nice when you have to carry groceries back with you. For sightseeing you also need a car.

Is there air conditioning?

No, in the gîtes there is no air conditioning (yet), except in gîte Romarin. This is a project for the coming years.

How is the temperature in the safari tents in summer?

The temperature inside the tents adjusts to the outside temperature. The domain is at 350m altitude and there is usually some wind. The tents are well ventilated and even after a very hot day it is nice to sleep in the evening.

Is there a lot of privacy around the accommodations?

Yes, each accommodation is surrounded by a large garden. The risk that your privacy or peace and quiet will be disturbed is rather small.

Are there restaurants and shops in the village?

Yes, there are several restaurants, supermarkets, bakers, butchers, shops with local products, pharmacies and two organic shops. The supermarkets are open every day until 8pm but on Sunday only in the morning. The other shops are usually open until 7pm but close at lunchtime.

Is there a market?

On Saturday mornings there is a large market in the centre of Lodève and on Wednesday mornings in Clermont l’Hérault. We have also a list of other markets in the area.