Be pampered with a wonderful massage, a pure blessing for body and mind …


All massages

Facial massage 20 min. € 30

In addition to making the skin look radiant, this massage has a very soothing effect and eliminates fatigue and tension.

Foot reflex zone massage 30 min. € 45

This firm but also very relaxing massage activates all reflex zones that are connected to organs and parts of the body.

Leg massage 30 min. € 45

A leg massage relaxes your muscles after strenuous exercise and accelerates the elimination of waste products. Heavy legs regain their suppleness by stimulating the blood circulation and the lymphatic system.

Back, schoulder and neck massage 30 min. € 45

Intensive massage of the back, shoulders, neck and head, also using vacuum cups that ensure a strong blood circulation so that waste products can be better discharged by the body.

Body massage 60 min. € 70

This wonderful relaxation massage is a pure pleasure for body and mind.

Energetic body massage 60 min. € 70

An extremely gentle and slow massage that follows the course of the meridians. Life energy flows through the meridians, which nourishes our bodily functions. Very relaxing but with a profound effect on both physical and mental level.

A la carte 60 min. € 70

It is also possible to perform a combination of the above massages as desired.